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Enterprise Systems Journey to the Cloud

When we did the SAP Cloud Platform Day conference together with SAP in 2019, our common goal was to bring awareness of cloud-based enterprise solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The topics were very interesting, the presenters were professional product managers from Austria and Germany. We managed to bring and show a “live customer” to the conference who has just started using the Cloud after a successful implementation for integrations in a production operation. At that time it was really very new and innovative for most companies, but the biggest benefits of Cloud solutions for enterprises started to show up only a bit later. Despite the very good feedback from the participants about the maturity and functionality of the Cloud solutions, we still felt some mistrust at that time, especially in terms of security and operations support.

However, a lot has changed in these four years. COVID came along, the first lockdown, and with a flick of a magic wand, the disadvantages of the Cloud became almost all advantages from night to morning. At that time, everyone would have appreciated if the operation of the company’s IT infrastructure had been handled not by the company itself, but by a professional contractor. Moreover, 2 years ago, if a company wanted to invest in IT solutions and needed the infrastructure to do so, they often ran into problems when trying to implement it. In fact, procuring servers during the chip crisis was neither easy nor cheap, as all HW components were suddenly much more expensive and delivery times longer than ever before.

For these reasons, too, there has been an interesting turn in thinking. In companies where the word “Cloud” was a forbidden topic, Cloud has become a strategy. I still remember very clearly the words of companies that we will not put our precious data in the Cloud because it cannot be as secure in the Cloud as when we have it “at home”. Today, when many companies have lost their data or had the functionality of their systems limited after targeted hacking attacks, they have already discovered that in most cases it is safer to have their data in a secure and daily monitored Cloud than “at home”. After all, not every company has an in-house IT security department that oversees the security of corporate data 24 hours a day and updates all of its systems with security “patches” daily or weekly, performs daily backups to another location … etc.

Moreover, the market situation today is completely different from a business perspective than it was years ago. Technological advances and, above all, market conditions are currently changing so rapidly and unpredictably that the inability to react and adapt quickly can be catastrophic for businesses. Enterprise Cloud solutions with their key features (such as speed of solution deployment and speed of response to change while maintaining high security) are therefore the ideal choice for deploying enterprise IT solutions today. Today, we know this from experience. Our customers have been exchanging data securely and reliably via cloud solutions for several years now.

If you also want to use enterprise cloud services reliably and securely, we recommend that you use only proven brands to operate your systems. That’s why we also offer enterprise cloud services for our customers from our reliable partners SAP, IBM, Resco or BOC Group, which cover cloud solutions from process digitalization, through process automation to integration. In addition to these products, we offer professional services so that their efficient use, reliability and security are always top of mind. By combining services and the right product, you can progress much faster on the road to your ideal digital enterprise.

Enterprise Cloud security services are nowadays at such a high level by default that we dare to say that if a business wants to keep its processes flexible and its data safe at the same time, it should choose a Cloud solution 😊.

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