Tangible fixed assets are used indiscriminately in private organizations, government institutions, small and large enterprises. As every larger institution, enterprise or organisation invests significant amounts of money in assets every year, accurate asset accounting becomes an important element in protecting the invested funds.
Recording and inventory of tangible fixed assets, carried out manually – in the form of ‘pen and paper’, brings considerable pitfalls. Manual asset tagging is time-consuming, especially if the assets are not readily identifiable. Thus, during the subsequent inventory and manual entry of data into the system, further errors and discrepancies with the records in the system arise, which are very difficult to find and eliminate.


The solution is to activate the FAIN electronic asset inventory service in the SAP BTP cloud environment. The basis of the offered solution is the FAIN (Fixed Assets Inventory) system, which enables the automation of registration and inventory of tangible fixed assets using barcodes, workflow or both options on the SAP BTP platform.
Licences for the FAIN inventory system with a defined number of end-users are provided as part of the electronic asset inventory project. The necessary licenses for the operation of the SAP BTP components, if not available to the customer, are included in the delivery as part of the electronic asset inventory project.

Solution includes:
  • – FAIN licenses (by package type)
  • – SAP BTP licenses (SAP Build Work Zone, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Business Technology Platform, Cloud Foundry runtime, PostgreeDB)
  • – Linking SAP BTP and SAP ECC/S4H
  • – Implementation work (by package type)
  • – Depending on HW purchase option, however, we can also use customer’s existing HW
  • – Product Backlog
  • – Integration to SAP
  • – FAIN system setup
  • – Functionality tests, integration tests
  • – 1-day training of key users
  • – Documentation of system setup
  • – Start-up support – hypercare
  • – Project Manager
  • – SAP BTP Consultant
  • – A multi-platform, central system for asset control and inventory
  • – Optimized solution for SAP S/4HANA environment
  • – Powerful system enabling support of record keeping, inventory and control also for customers with more than 1,000,000 assets
  • – Reading barcodes (1D and 2D) and RFID tags via special terminals, common smart phones or tablets
  • – Modern mobile app for Android
  • – Option to extend inventory automation via Workflow
  • – High-quality printing of labels for labelling using thermal transfer technology
  • – Paper less environment
  • – Management interface providing an overview of inventory status
  • – Time saving
  • – Instant online asset control on site with the possibility of updating directly in the SAP system

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