Migration Assessment from PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite

There is a generational change coming in the technology that is being used for the integration field. The new generation of products focuses on advanced tools for more efficient development and deployment of new types of integrations and standardized interconnections. Want to move from SAP PI or SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration suite but don’t know where to start? We have something just for you!


Based on real-world experience, our BTP team has prepared a service package to help customers analyze the complexity of migrating from SAP PI or PO (Process Orchestration) to SAP Integration Suite (part of the cloud-based SAP Business Technology Platform). We can do a basic classification of how ready your current integration scenarios are to migrate to the new SAP product.

Migration Assessment from PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite by ORIWIN is now available for free in SAP FRE Activity Repository!

Solution includes:
  • – Classification that indicates whether your integration scenarios are ready for migration to SAP Integration Suite and how you can proceed
  • – Identification of integration scenarios ready for migration
  • – Identification of integration scenarios that are partially ready for migration but need further adjustments
  • – Identifying integration scenarios that are not ready for migration but require further evaluation
  • – Useful information for the migration process: migration steps, risks and recommendations
  • – SAP BTP Integration Expert
  • – Years of experience with integrations

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