skener ciarovych kodov s aplikaciou FAIN BTP

Introducing a new version of the popular asset inventory product – FAIN BTP

The new version of the product is built on the innovative SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and is ready for migration to the SAP S/4HANA environment. As SAP announced some time ago the end of support for SAP ECC until 2027, it is high time for a technological change and innovation with the new product version.
The platform is changing, the features remain. Fixed Assets Inventory BTP (FAIN BTP) enables the automation of physical asset recording and inventory using barcodes, workflow, or both on the SAP BTP platform.

The new version introduces:

– Solution supporting SAP ECC or S/4HANA environment in on-premise or cloud version
– A modern and secure user interface and data in the Cloud environment
– Original solution built using the latest SAP technologies according to SAP Best practices (pure CORE system philosophy)
– Creation of an environment for other modern and secure web or mobile enterprise applications
– Ability to connect to multiple SAP systems or non SAP environments (one solution for a group of companies)
– And many other innovations…

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