The Future and the Cloud

The year is 2030.

All large enterprises running on the SAP platform have implemented the modern SAP S/4 HANA information system, data is available in an in-memory database and can be accessed at any time for instant analysis, evaluation and prediction. Users use unified access to all enterprise applications, and all enterprise systems are integrated with each other into a single entity.

Application development and integrations are handled in a unified manner and are performed in cloud technologies. Artificial intelligence helps in creating innovative applications with automation elements. Office workers work reliably and stress-free as manual data entry has been replaced by automated data processing from integrated systems. All key processes have a digital image, so processes, including their approval, run in the information system. All documentation and correspondence is digitised and accessible at any time. Employees continuously record the results of their work by reading QR codes. Managers manage the business in real time, as they can check or approve work results directly from their mobile phone at any time.

Nie, toto nie je sci-fi scenár, ale niečo, čo pre veľa spoločností s veľkou pravdepodobnosťou aj nastane. Aktuálne totiž prebieha veľká generačná výmena kľúčového ekonomického systému SAP na novú generáciu, ktorého podpora končí v roku 2027 resp. predĺžená podpora do 2029.

Therefore, the preparation or the actual implementation of this important transformation, which includes a significant modernisation of the key components of the company’s information system, is already underway on the part of enterprises. Most companies in the world will therefore soon start using cloud services as a standard working tool to improve their business.

Of course, the area of integration will not escape modernisation either. Of course, these enterprises will use the cloud-based SAP Integration Suite, which will be the heart of all system, process and information interconnections in the modern enterprise. This product belongs to the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) family of cloud products, which will become the source for all modern enterprise innovation tools.

We at ORIWIN, s.r.o. have been preparing for this change for more than 5 years. Some of our customers have already undergone such a transformation and are taking advantage of the benefits of integrating and running modern applications in the Cloud today. That is why we can offer, in addition to our experience, pre-developed procedures and solutions that help to make this change quickly, reliably and securely when a customer is transitioning to the Cloud.

It’s going to be a very interesting ride. Such a huge amount of innovation in such a short period of time will probably not be repeated in the IT world again so soon. We are looking forward to it because the goal of every innovation is improvement. For businesses, that means doing their jobs easier, more accurately, faster… If our customers are successful thanks to these innovations, then our goal will be fulfilled 🙂

And are you ready for this change?

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