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Integration to the Financial Administration Register

The public administration produces a lot of data that is of great value to the public. Organizations provide this information in a variety of ways, from publishing it via text or excel files to modern APIs that are predestined for automated processing. Electronic government services that provide open data via web services are called Open Data APIs.

Such interfaces are currently provided by the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic, which makes the Financial Administration’s open data available to application developers using APIs. In addition to all datasets, exports from selected online information lists, which are published on the portal of the Financial Administration, are also available via the API on the Open Data FS portal. In this way, it is possible to automatically obtain information about tax entities that are of great interest for business needs. A good example is the list of VAT payers with bank account numbers used by tax entities for business purposes. Although this list is normally available on the FS portal as an XML file, for automated processing it is much more complicated to work with the file, slower than via an API interface.

If the business information system is correctly linked to these registers, this information can be used regularly to obtain or verify information about your business partners, i.e. customers or suppliers. We recommend using tools that are designed for this purpose to link the information system securely and reliably. That is why we at ORIWIN have prepared a solution on the SAP BTP platform, which through the OPEN API of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic retrieves for selected tax entities the basic data about the entity, including the VAT number, lists of registered accounts for VAT, information about the tax reliability index, as well as very interesting information on whether or not the tax entity is registered in the list of debtors of the FS. All this information will help entrepreneurs to add data to their business information system in an automated way, as well as to verify data very quickly, which is very interesting for successful and reliable business cooperation. In addition, verification of registered account numbers for VAT payments will provide verification of mandatory data in a fully automated manner and in certain cases can help to avoid incorrect payment of supplier invoices.

The entire solution is based on the SAP BTP platform, therefore it provides the customer with all the advantages of Cloud solutions, all while guaranteeing high availability and security of the solution.

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